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About Us

For almost four decades, CEI-Europe has developed, organized and held short technology courses all over Europe.

A Movable University
The unique idea of CEI-Europe is to create a movable university for professional engineers. This idea is realized by offering open courses where current technological directions are reflected in four to five parallel courses taking place the same week at the same venue.

Our Course Topics and Lecturers
We supply education on the recent advances in the following topics: Microelectronics and Photonics, Semiconductor Technology and Devices, Circuit Design, Signal Processing, Telecommunication and Internet of Things.
CEI-Europe is internationally renowned for the quality of its continuing education programs for engineering professionals and we use only the very best lecturers available. Not only are our instructors internationally recognised in their respective field, they also have the pedagogic ability to impart technological expertise to a professional audience.

The Most Recent Technical Advances
We strive to offer the most recent advances of the scientific community in every field we cover. Our instructors act as advisors for our forthcoming programs in order to ensure that the latest developments in the field will be included. Therefore, the content of our courses change from year to year.

In addition to our open courses, we also offer Corporate-exclusive courses anywhere in the world, see more under Find Your Course/Corporate Exclusive Courses.

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