History - CEI-Europe

A Brief History

Dedicated to Continuing Education Since 1980
It all started in 1980, when Dr. Birgit E. Jacobson, at the time associate professor in materials science, had returned to Sweden after four years as senior research associate at Stanford University. She brought with her an awareness of the need of the academic researcher and the active engineer to share an educational arena where state-of-the-art discussions could take place, a forum that would facilitate the fruitful interplay that results from discussions with compeers. That insight formed the underpinnings of Continuing Education Institute-Europe, shortened CEI-Europe, a company committed to the transfer of high tech knowledge.

Handpicked Instructors
CEI-Europe is not just another company active in the educational field. The personal commitment of the CEI-Europe staff and dedicated associates has resulted in the high standard of handpicked instructors from universities and high tech enterprises throughout the industrialized world. This is also reflected in the fact that so many very busy professionals continually return to instruct at CEI-Europe courses.

Outstanding Education
In 2001, The University of Cambridge in England honored Dr. Jacobson with a By-Fellowship endowed by the Møller Center for Continuing Education and Churchill College. The Fellowship was awarded for outstanding contributions to international learning in advanced technology and recognizes Dr. Jacobson's educational initiatives and their advancement of avant-garde knowledge within the global scientific community. Not long after, in May 2003, Dr. Birgit E. Jacobson was elevated to Honorary Doctor by Chalmers University of Technology, in Gothenburg, Sweden, for outstanding achievements in the field of international scientific education.

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CEI-Europe 20th Anniversary Celebration June 21st, 2000, in Davos, Switzerland.
Dr Birgit E. Jacobson among 17 of CEI-Europe's many lecturers.

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