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Continue to Learn - Continue to be at the Technical Frontier

CEI-Europe does not only spotlight significant developments in science and engineering. We tell you how to apply the information to ensure that you stay at the technological forefront.

Rapid Technology Advances
In a complex and ever-changing world, company survival may well depend on technological flexibility. New technology can depreciate know-how gained only a few years before. The number of new materials, new technologies, and new methods is constantly growing. The rapidly paced advances in science and technology affect every manufacturing company in the industrialized world. Each active engineer is confronted daily with questions related to the developments that take place in his or her field. Keeping up can be a formidable task.

From Innovation to Product
CEI-Europe's educational programs developed for practicing engineers focus on recent technological breakthroughs. The true potential of new technologies lies in the ability to channel scientific and engineering innovations to a specific product of a specific market. This in turn requires that professionals need to know not only what new knowledge is available, but how it is being applied at the forefront of industry.

Unique Educational Programs
Our courses have become synonymous with: first-rate instructors from around the world, pleasant surroundings that promote the learning situation, and participants that want to turn evolutionary technology into revolutionary products. We measure our success by the large number of satisfied customers who return to us year after year and the many participants that have learnt about our courses by word-of-mouth.

Small Groups of Like-minded People
During our courses, teaching is carried out in groups of 5 to 25 participants in order to ensure intensive, personal tuition. To further enhance the networking possibilities, we always strive to give four to five courses at the same time at the same venue.The classroom setting and joint lunch breaks are a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals from all around the world. You will meet engineers who are experiencing similar technical challenges, bringing different viewpoints into rewarding discussions and problem solutions.


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