Course Locations - CEI-Europe

Course Locations

Currently our open courses take place at the following locations:

Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Barcelona, Spain
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Dresden, Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
Grenoble, France
Uppsala, Sweden

Selected Sites
The cities and resort venues for CEI-Europe's courses are specially selected for their scenic beauty, cultural and historic interest, as well as the easy access to activities that encourage professional camaraderie outside the classroom. After a course, participants often choose to stay on a few days to explore museums or historical sites, to enjoy a musical or theatrical performance, or to attend sports events of their interest.

Mind-Net-Working in Pleasant Surroundings
Our experience is that learning is not only confined to traditional classroom situations. Attendees often mention that the ad hoc discussions which take place after the daily lectures give rise to a ping-pong effect, whereby one idea put forth immediately gives rise to another. This type of mind-net-working has become a hallmark of our seminars.







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