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Corporate Exclusive Courses

At CEI-Europe we design courses to update the expertise of key staff or to upgrade the overall educational level of a company. We have a wide network of instructors and extensive experience in tailoring educational programs for specific client needs. Our open courses can be used as a foundation to build upon.

The advantages of our Corporate Exclusive Courses includes:

Targeted Learning: The course can concentrate on existing knowledge gaps, or help you to upgrade the overall expertise crucial to your business.

Corporate Consensus: An often noted spin-off effect after an in-house course is the emergence of a corporate mind-set and with it, consensus on relevant goals and action plans.

Flexible Course Locations: Our open courses are held in Europe, but corporate-exclusive courses can be arranged anywhere in the world.

Confidentiality: Internal issues crucial to your business can be discussed freely.  A self-contained learning environment will ensure corporate privacy.

For further information and detailed offers contact:
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CEI-Europe Corporate exclusive courses

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