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At CEI-Europe you will find the most reputable experts: educating, discussing, and advising you on the latest findings. Sharing everything from theoretical solutions to real life industry challenges with their participants.

Only the Best is Good Enough
We are not just another company active in the educational field. No traditional university has access to a faculty equal to that of the internationally renowned instructors at CEI-Europe. No traditional educational company offers programs in spearhead technology where attendees meet their professional peers in a think tank environment. Not only are our instructors internationally recognized in their respective field, they also have the pedagogic ability to impart technological expertise to a professional audience.

The Latest Scientific Findings
Our instructors act as advisors for our forthcoming programs in order to ensure that the latest developments in the field will be included. Therefore, the content of our courses change from year to year.

What do we mean with "World Leading" Instructors?
1/3 are authors/co-authors of books in their field
1/4 have received industry/teaching awards
1/3 hold industry patents
1/4 have edited industry magazines

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Professor Richard D. Gitlin
Instructor Course
# 49 4G - Fourth Generation Wireless Networking

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