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Koch, Rudolf

PhD, Consultant, Munich, Germany.

Dr. Rudolf Koch has over 30 years of experience in analog and mixed-signal design in various positions and responsibilities. His current main interests are all aspects of data converters, especially but not only for communication systems.

Dr. Koch studied Electrical Engineering at the Technical University in Munich, where he received his Diploma (Masters Degree) in 1973 and his Ph.D. in 1980, respectively. 
From 1974 until 1981 he was with the Corporate Research Group of Siemens AG in Munich, engaged in research work on solid-state area imagers and at the same time pursuing his Ph.D. thesis. From then until 1983 he was Group Manager at Eurosil for clock and watch IC development. Emphasis was on the design of ultra-low power circuits, including analog blocks such as bandgaps and crystal oscillators, in 1V CMOS. 
In 1983, he joined the Semiconductor Division of Siemens AG, where he built up and headed the Analog Design Group. Among many other product designs comprising ADCs, DACs, filters, output buffers, references etc. for wireline and wireless standards he developed one of the first continuous-time sigma-delta converters in 5V CMOS when most comparable designs were still done in bipolar technologies and/or using 10V supply. He was also responsible for the 'analog' specific infrastructure requirements - process optimization, design flow, design automation, special CAD tools.
In 2000, the Siemens Semiconductor Division was spun off as Infineon Technologies. The same year, Dr. Koch joined the Wireless Division to start RF CMOS design activities. Among his tasks was the research and development of RF CMOS as mainstream technology for wireless applications. Until 2009 he was Innovations Manager in the Wireless Division of Infineon Technologies. 
Dr. Koch has authored or co-authored over 30 papers and holds more than 40 patents. 
He was a member of the ICECS program committee, the ESSCIRC program committee, Technical Program Chair of ESSCIRC'03 in Lisbon, Tutorial Chair of ESSCIC'07 in Munich, and Guest Editor of the IEEE J. Sc. For ten years he was a member of the ISSCC program committee, later also of the executive committee and served as European Chair. He has repeatedly been a panelist at DAC and ISSCC and has organized a number of panels, forums and workshops. For many years he was a lecturer at the Infineon Institute, and he served as Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE. Rudolf Koch is a Fellow of the IEEE.

Dr. Koch has been a member of the CEI-Europe faculty since 2007.

Course #12 Embedded Data Converters

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