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Osburn, Carlton M.

Ph.D., Professor Emeritus at North Carolina State University, NC, USA.

Previously he was Director of Advanced Semiconductor Technology at MCNC and manager of the Exploratory Fabrication Technology Area at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. His research interests include deep submicron device and process integration, device scaling, thin-dielectric reliability, shallow junctions, and interconnection technology and materials.

Professor Osburn has received the T.D. Callinan Award from the Dielectrics and Insulation Division of the Electrochemical Society,the Maurice Simpson Award of the Institute of Environmental Sciences, and the Electronics Division Award of the Electrochemical Society. He is a fellow of the Electrochemical Society and of the IEEE, past Chairman of the Electronics Division and past President of the Electrochemical Society.

Professor Osburn has been a member of the CEI-Europe Faculty since 1987.

Course #16 CMOS/BiCMOS Process Integration and Engineering

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