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Vary, Peter

VARY, Peter, Professor of Electrical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

Professor Vary has been a member of the faculty of electrical engineering and information technology at RWTH since 1989. He has been involved in various standardization processes (GSM / UMTS / ITU). The main research activities of his group at Aachen University are speech-audio coding and enhancement for cellular radio systems and digital hearing aids.

Peter Vary is a fellow of the IEEE Signal Processing Society and served as a distinguished lecturer. Besides having numerous journal papers and conference contributions, he is co-author of the text books "Digitale Sprachsignalverarbeitung", and "Digital Speech Transmission: Enhancement, Coding & Error Concealment". Information about research projects and publications can be found on the WEB-pages:

Professor Vary has been a member of the CEI-Europe Faculty since 1992.

Course #50 HD Voice Communication - Coding and Enhancement

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