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100th Anniversary!

10/27/2017 12:00:00 AM

CEI-Europe is proud to announce the 100th Anniversary of expert teaching by Professor Dr. Albert J.P. Theuwissen.

His knowledge and expertise in Digital Image Sensors has been a huge asset to CEI-Europe´s faculty of instructors. Since 1999, Professor Dr. Theuwissen has trained and helped engineers across the world to enhance their skills and know-how about Solid-State Imaging, Image Sensors Technology, and Digital Camera Systems.

In November 2017 he will train the 100th group of international engineers, and you could take advantage of the opportunity to attend this 3-day " Advanced Course on Image Sensor Technology" by registering today!

We at CEI-Europe extend our gratitude and delight to Professor Dr. Theuwissen and look forward to many more courses booked and taught by him through our organisation.

Albert Theuwissen







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