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Launch of Solar Cell Courses

7/2/2010 12:00:00 AM

CEI-Europe is continually renewing course content and knowledge themes. We have now extended our course range with two new solar cells courses:

Course #65
Megafunction Electronics and Photonics Based on 3D Integration
Applications for 3D Si-based ICs, Flexible Polymer Electronics, Thin Film Solar Cells and OLEDs

Course #66
Advanced Photovoltaics and Electronics 
Device Reliability and Lifetime Performance Applications for Thin Film Electronics and Photovoltaics

The courses have the following technology focus:
The further diversification and growth of semiconductor industry and the rapid growth of photovoltaic industry, including thin film photovoltaics, rely on technical and economic targets. Several technologies are emerging currently, such as new devices and materials, thin films based on Si or inorganic compound semiconductors, as well as inorganic and organic nanostructures and nano-composites. Potential degradation mechanisms in thin films and nanostructures, that determine the long-term behavior of devices and the reliability of products, needs to be studied for each technology. The integration of new materials is a particular challenge. Experimental studies and modeling/simulation are needed to provide the knowledge, which will be necessary to guarantee the required product reliability.

Further information about each course can be found under the "Find Your Course" page.  

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