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Course Material Preview

6/14/2013 12:00:00 AM

For some of our courses, it is now possible to get a sneak peek of the exclusive lecture note course material.

Our aspiration is that these lecture notes preview files will help you get a better understanding of the course content, and also serve as inspiration since we of course hope to meet you at one of our courses in the near future!

When clicking on one of the courses listed below, the preview file can be found on the right hand side of the course description under the title "Course Material Preview". 

#03 Fiber Optic Transmission Systems
#10 RF and Microwave Filter Design with EM Simulation
#11 Digital Signal Analysis Techniques: Time, Frequency, and Spatial Algorithms
#12 Embedded Data Converters
#15 Design and Simulation of RF Systems
#19 RF and Microwave Circuit Design: Applications and Theory
#21 Advanced Array Antennas: Conformal Arrays and Digital Beamforming
#26 Radio System Design - Theory and Practice
#27 Advanced Radio System Architectures
#36 Silicon Device Technology: Materials and Processing Overview
#37 Micro Fabrication Technology for MEMS and NEMS
#50 HD Voice Communication - Coding and Enhancement
#55 Signal Integrity: Advanced High-Speed Design and Characterization
#56 Power Integrity: Advanced Design and Characterization
#58 Modern Digital Modulation Techniques for Wireless, Satellite, and Wireline Communications
#75 Chip Interconnection Technology and Process Integration
#85 Phase Locked Loops for Wireless Communication Systems
#86 RF Component and System Measurements
#88 Plasma Etching for CMOS Technology and ULSI Applications
#95 On-Chip and 3D Interconnect Technology - Processing and Reliability of Cu/Low-k and 3D Interconnects



Published by: Marie Nolin

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