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FAQ regarding registrations

4/8/2014 12:00:00 AM

CEI-Europe FAQ

Questions are the key to learning, and at CEI-Europe we always welcome your questions! In this newsletter we would like to seize the opportunity and give you answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding course registrations.

How early can I register for a course?
As soon as we have decided a new date for one of our courses the date is published on our website and it is then possible to submit a preliminary or firm registration. Dates are available 6-12 months before course start. Before course dates are available a preliminary registration can also be made, with no financial commitment.

If I am interested in a course but I am waiting for approval, can I still register?
Yes, you can always make a preliminary registration for a course without any financial commitment from your side! A preliminary registration lets us know that you have an interest in the course which is very helpful for us when making the GO or NoGO decision. Also, if you make a preliminary registration we can send you an update if there are any changes regarding the course of your interest.

When is the final GO or NoGO-decision made for your courses?
The final GO or NoGO decision is normally made no later than 4 weeks before course start. If we do not have enough registrations for the course at that time, the course is postponed to a later date.

How late can I register for a course?
When a course has received a GO-decision we do our best to be flexible and welcome registrations up until the weekday before the course starts. An earlier indication is however always welcome to enable us smoother preparation of your course material.

Why do you need to make a decision 4 weeks in advance?
To enable our instructors proper preparation time to update their course material, which is done for every session, we need to make a decision at least 4 weeks in advance. This is also important for everyone involved, with participant's schedules just as busy as our instructors. This also ensures that travel preparations can be made adequately and to finalize all of the practical details for a course.

How many participants are "enough" to make a course run according to plan?
There is no one answer to this question. The minimum number of participants needed to give a course depends on many different factors. However, we do not give courses with fewer than 5 participants since we believe a group of students is needed to get a good learning effect. For the same reason we seldom give courses with more than 25 participants.



Published by: Angelica Pellén, Course Coordinator

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