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Seats available on course no 27

4/25/2014 12:00:00 AM

Do you work in radio or the mobile phone industry? Are you interested in learning more about Advanced Radio System Architectures?

There are still a few seats available on course #27 "Advanced Radio System Architectures" which will be given May 19-21 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Take the opportunity to attend this intermediate to advanced level course for system architects, design engineers and managers looking for up to date information on recent advances in the field of radio system design.

The objective is to expand the range of radio design into the DSP era. Learning objectives include identifying the critical RF parameters in wireless transceiver technology, understanding the various trade offs in different architectures and understanding the balance of analogue to digital processing for cost effective design solutions. These concepts have a broad range of application from low cost terminal devices for mobile communications, multifunction radio systems, remote sensing, advanced concept radios for radar/surveillance and enabling wireless connectivity in a variety of product and services.

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Published by: Angelica Pellén, Course Coordinator

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