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Image Sensor Courses Autumn

6/2/2016 12:00:00 AM

Three Image Sensor courses will take place in Barcelona (Spain), Dresden (Germany) and Grenoble (France) in Q4 2016.

Ranging from theory to advanced hands-on practice, the courses are suitable for those seeking to develop or enhance their understanding of Image Sensor technologies, applications, problems and analysis.

Dr Albert Theuwissen, course leader and Professor at Delft University, explains how the courses are adapting to a significantly expanded market place.

"Light, photonic and image sensing have become more prevalent in every-day devices, and used for applications which are increasingly diverse, so we have developed these courses for all engineers, product designers, managers, researchers, programmers and physicists working with light."

Elisabet Larsson, CEI-Europe's Chief Executive, reflected on why the company's approach is appreciated by course attendees: "We work closely with candidates to ensure the course meets their expectations, but also that the subject matter is relevant and up-to-date - it's something that CEI has always taken great pride in doing."

"Attendees to the Image Sensor courses are coming from more diverse parts of the science and technology industries - automotive, mobile devices, computing, drones, broadcast engineering, space, industrial machinery - even space.  We've had attendees from around the world, working for organisations from niche consultancies to globally recognisable manufacturers, universities and government departments."

"We see this diversity is a huge bonus for course attendees - they learn the essentials with us but can also gain exposure to expertise in other fields - and that makes for some really exciting collaboration opportunities both during and after the courses."

Theuwissen continues on the topic of why the courses, which rely on a variety of teaching methods, have seen their target audience change slightly over the years:

"Engineers and product designers have begun to realise the huge potential in really understanding these powerful sensors, particularly now they are present in so many different fields such as mobile computers and tablets, autonomous vehicles, drones, IP cameras and systems-on-chips - it's truly incredible how much information they capture that is so often discarded."

Courses are aimed at engineers, managers and product developers new to the field but with a good understanding of electronics, physics and mathematics, are:

For established experts, advanced courses include:

Prospective candidates receive a 10% discount on the cost of any firm bookings made more than 8 weeks before the above courses commence. Make your registration here.

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