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Why continued education is essential

8/9/2016 12:00:00 AM

A successful engineer needs to have an analytical mind and keen attitude along with strong grip on their respective technology.

Strong analytical skills and a good attitude are developed through experience, academic training and a positive working environment, but hard technical skills can only be won through training, mentoring and structured development.  Certainly, trial and error can work if you have the time and budget to waste, but there's a risk of engineers or researchers developing bad habits, or struggling against problems which have been overcome elsewhere.

At CEI-Europe, our touring faculty delivers the highest quality professional training courses in Europe, designed by experienced engineers and aimed specifically to equip researchers, innovators, electrical engineers and systems designers of all levels, with the technical skills needed to solve problems, overcome challenges and speed up the ability to innovate.

Why CEI-Europe

When it comes to Image Sensors, our faculty is represented by Dr Albert Theuwissen, holder of patents, regular independent consultant, university lecturer and globally recognised expert in the field of these increasingly common sensors.

Having worked hand-in-hand with Dr Theuwissen for more than 15 years, we are able to offer a range of courses covering the most important technical skills for professionals working with image sensors from entry level to experienced or senior scientists.

As an academic and consultant of considerable and current experience working with partners around industry, these courses take into consideration the latest developments in CMOS and CCD technology, as well as reflecting the wisdom which allows Dr. Theuwissen to apply what is relevant to your company's applications or products.

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Courses are aimed at engineers, managers and product developers new to the field but with a good understanding of electronics, physics and mathematics, are:

For established experts, advanced courses include:

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