Achieving the European goals by 2030 is an exciting but challenging goal. A critical piece of the puzzle is battery storage which has the potential to offer sustainable solutions across power, transport, and industrial sectors. But what are the key technologies driving battery storage? What are the applications? What are the challenges? And how can you harness the potential for your home, or place of work?

This certification focuses on the most exciting battery storage technologies, exploring how they work, their strengths and weaknesses, and their application across a breadth of sectors.

Radio System Design
Radio System Design


Understand solutions that can enhance the flexibility in the electricity market
• Develop an overview of the main battery storage technology groups, their respective most promising technologies, and their technical characteristics
• Build insight into why battery storage services and technologies have been developed and deployed at a much slower pace than expected
• Enhance your current expertise through several real-world business examples
• Boost your career by gaining an understanding of different business models of battery storage


This certification is beneficial for anyone interested in battery storage technology and understanding the main applications.

In order to be able to follow and benefit from the Battery Storage Opportunities and Uses certification, learners would need to have a basic grounding in the field, but not essential.

The required time investment is around 4.5 hours on average, including the certification evaluation.

To succeed in Battery Storage Opportunities and Uses and receive a Certificate of Accomplishment, a learner needs to obtain a minimum score of 75 points in the certification assessment. This certification assessment serves as a test on the understanding of the course content by each learner. In-lesson quizzes are only meant for self-evaluation and do not count towards the final Certificate.

Radio System Design

Course 1: Battery Storage: Potential Applications and Challenges
o Flexibility Needs and the Role of Batteries
o A Closer Look into Battery Storage Technologies
o Grid-Scale Application Battery Storage
o Behind-the-Meter Battery Storage Application
o Battery Storage Application at Off-Grid
o Battery Storage Application in Mobility