We are always looking for experienced instructors to develop our course range.


Continuing Education Institute has organized advanced technical learning since 1980.

The hallmark of our trade is high quality with the customer’s need in focus.

Right now, we are looking for skilled trainers in IoT, Blockchain, Virtual reality and Visualization.

If you teach in any other exciting area, we would love to chat with you too!

What's in it for me, you might ask?

We will package it all!

  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Publicity
  • Sales
  • Customer service

You do simple what you are best in – teaching! It is also a marketing opportunity for your services or products. And you will be well paid for it!

About Working with Us

We’re always looking for qualified instructors who have a passion to share their expertise and knowledge with the world. Working with us and the industry’s best and brightest minds, will result in you and your content being presented and showcased in the best way imaginable. You’ll also learn valuable skills applicable beyond your course, benefit from the enhanced visibility our digital platform provides, and earn some extra income — all the while helping people achieve their professional and personal learning goals by continuing education. You will either be teaching in our open courses in different locations across Europe, you may be booked to an in-house solution or we will produce e-learning courses together with you.