Dr. Richard G. Ranson, Consultant at Radio System Design, UK is teaching this 5-day course in Theory and Practice of Radio System Design.

In order to design cost effective radios, designers must understand the whole system.

Only then can the various interactions and trade-offs be appreciated and the design optimised for a particular application. Fortunately, understanding the whole system does not require detailed knowledge of the design of each circuit. By isolating key parameters it is possible to relate the system specification to block level requirements to see the whole picture.

The drive towards efficiency in communications systems and networks has implications at all levels. This comprehensive course gives designers a thorough view of all key elements, from circuit blocks through the system level to network design.

This course is for designers to understand the technology behind radio systems and to design cost effective radios, designers must understand the whole Radio system.

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Course 026 Radio System Design - Theory and Practice
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Dresden, Germany
October 07 - 11, 2019
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Instructor Richard Element
Dr Richard G. Ranson

Ph.D. degree from the University of Leeds, UK. Consultant at Radio System Design, UK.

Dr Ranson has been in industry, actively involved in research and development of microwave components and systems for over 30 years.

Dr Ranson has been a member of the CEI-Europe faculty since 2004.
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