Eiko Seidel CTO, Nomor Research GmbH, Germany, is teaching this 3-day course.

Starting from the fundamentals of LTE and LTE-A, this training course introduces comprehensive functionality as defined in the latest LTE specifications (Rel. 12, Rel. 13 as well as current Rel.14).

Techniques like Dual Connectivity that enable the deployment of dense small cells in a reliable way are explained as well as new techniques like LTE License Assisted Access (LTE-Unlicensed) and LTE / WLAN Radio Level Aggregation that leverage the use of the unlicensed spectrum using LTE or WiFi. There are also complete new systems defined for LTE Broadcast (LTE-B), LTE for Public Safety and Car-to-Car Communication (LTE-V), LTE Machine Type Communication (MTC) as well as Narrowband Internet of Things for the growing Internet of Things market.

Some of these systems include significant changes to the radio access, like direct (or Device-to-Device) communication, proximity discovery or relay functionality, which are required for future Public Safety systems and also for Vehicle to X communication. The new standards for the Internet of Things include technologies for extreme coverage extension and indoor penetration as well as for ultra-low battery consumption. Overall, the new LTE-Advanced Pro standard is likely to meeting most of the requirements that are defined for 5G. Based on the shortcomings of LTE-Advanced Pro an outlook towards future 5G access networks is provided.

Combine this course with course #049 for the best learning effect.

Please note that participants attending both course 048 and course 049 will benefit from a reduced total course fee. Book the bundle course!

Course Content
Course 048 3GPP LTE-Advanced Pro - Radio Technology
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Instructor E Seidel Element
Eiko Seidel

CTO, Nomor Research GmbH, Munich, Germany.

Mr. Seidel has been involved in many Pansonic and EU research projects and contributed actively to UMTS standardisation in ETSI SMG and 3GPP.

Mr. Seidel became a member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe Faculty in 2008.

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