Dr. István Novák, Principal Signal and Power Integrity Engineer, Samtec, Boston, USA, is teaching this 5-day course in Advanced Design and Characterization.

Power Distribution Network (PDN) design is becoming one of the biggest design challenges today for systems with increasing speed, power dissipation and density.

A multitude of supply voltages and signalling levels come with reduced timing and noise margins.

The allowed noise on signals and on supply rails decreases and the increasing density and bandwidth of interconnects link the previously independent power-integrity, signal-integrity and Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) design domains.

Eventually, the power distribution design and characterization becomes a corner stone and enabler for good signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility. Series filtering for sensitive clock sources, PLLs and SerDes rails require new considerations in component selection.

This course is devoted to power distribution design, simulation & measurement with a brief overview of signal-integrity & electromagnetic compatibility.

Course Content
Course 056 Power Integrity: Advanced Design and Characterization
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Amersfoort, The Netherlands
May 04 - 08, 2020

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Instructor Novak Element
Dr István Novák

Principal Signal and Power Integrity Engineer, Samtec, Boston, USA

Dr. Novák is a Life Fellow of IEEE for his contributions to signal-integrity modeling, measurements and simulations. He has 40 years of experience in high-speed electronics designs as well as teaching and consulting.

Dr. Novák has been a member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe faculty since 1992.

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