Dr. Spiros Louvros, PhD in Wireless Communications, Radio Access Network (RAN) Telecom Engineer, 3GPP technical recommendation group member, Greece.

5G has introduced a new way to offer services in the mobile industry. It has created a new way to represent the 3GPP cellular technology for accessibility, quite similar and competitive to WiFi for short range cells (mmWave sectors), as well fully compliant with the previous LTE technology for short and long range cell coverage (small, macro micro pico etc cells) in low and mid band frequencies. Its 3GPP standardized procedures will have a big impact on the next generation network planning and deployment for both coverage, capacity and IP transport network connectivity. Consequently an advanced understanding of how the evolutionary changes and improvements from previous LTE technology will impact the radio coverage, capacity (number of devices, different services requirements and throughput considerations), IP backhaul networking transmission and service quality will provide a powerful tool to create successfully new scenarios and subsequent planning methodologies to optimize and fully exploit the 5G capabilities.

This course differentiates from other similar topics in the market by introducing the attendant into basic principles of RAN design based in realistic simulation results for recommended parameter configurations. Moreover it emphasizes into mathematical models resulting into useful formulas to be used for excel calculators. It suggests further vendor equipment behavior analysis based on machine learning methodologies and algorithms, resulting into realistic tools for each individual network and vendor equipments. Finally it provides adequate explanation into the existing proposed 3GPP optional features, which if activated would result into 5G RAN performance improvements.

In order for the attendant to better understand the content of this topic and to gain a further insight into the 5G RAN design, it is also recommended to have prior attended following courses:

– 5G Network Overview – recommended
– 5G Network Protocols & Signaling Procedures - recommended but not essential 

It is also strongly recommended to complete the knowledge on 5G RAN planning and design by attending the course on 5G RAN Optimization 

Finally it is worth mentioning that this course could be customized, tailored into specific customer needs and requests. Special topics could be also added and discussed, as 5G RAN design over satellites, 5G over LiFi and/or indoor design, using specific features and methodology. Of course the overall course duration would be impacted.

Course Content
Course 093 5G RAN Design – Radio Planning and Dimensioning for NSA & SA Architectures
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Spiros Louvros
Dr. Spiros Louvros

PhD in Wireless Communications, Radio Access Network (RAN) Telecom Engineer, 3GPP technical recommendation group member, Greece.

Dr. Louvros has been a member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe Faculty since 2020.

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