Dr. Spiros Louvros, PhD in Wireless Communications, Radio Access Network (RAN) Telecom Engineer, 3GPP technical recommendation group member, Greece.

5G has introduced a new way to plan and offer services in the mobile industry, introducing new concepts and technologies and creating a new way to represent 3GPP’s new approach on cellular technology. The big impact on the next generation NG network planning and deployment, from both Radio’s and Core’s point of view, is not quite evident from first glance, introducing realistic difficulties om how to handle and optimize all new technologies for the stand alone network deployment or in the same network deployment with LTE for NSA architecture. Network optimization is both an art based on intuition as well as a solid part of engineering based on thorough knowledge of the technology which requires specific steps and compromises due to quite often contradicting results. An advanced understanding on how to optimize this evolutionary network design is quite demanding and sometimes tricky because the targets for different technologies might be contradicting.

This course differentiates from other similar topics in the market by introducing the attendant, apart from simplistic approaches and discussions of optimization steps, into the basic 5G theory and the necessary knowledge of 5G technology handling and impact on performance. Realistic simulation results as well as justified mathematical modeling is used for 3GPP parameter optimization, related also upon demand to vendor specific discussions and optional features. Both drive test analysis discussions on 3GPP parameters and procedures as well as 3GPP counter based KPI formulas will be covered and thoroughly discussed.

In order for the attendant to better understand the content of this topic, it is recommended to have prior attended following courses:

–      5G Network Overview – recommended
–      5G RAN Design – strongly recommended
–      5G Network Protocols & Signaling Procedures – recommended but not essential, at least the RAN part

It is also recommended to have a prior knowledge on LTE technology. Finally it is also important to mention that this course can be customized on customer requests and demands.

Course Content
Course 094 5G NR Optimization
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Spiros Louvros
Dr. Spiros Louvros

PhD in Wireless Communications, Radio Access Network (RAN) Telecom Engineer, 3GPP technical recommendation group member, Greece.

Dr. Louvros has been a member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe Faculty since 2020.

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