Mr. Kjell Enblom  Senior Consultant at MindRoad AB, Sweden is teaching this 2-day course. Learn a set of tools for Embedded Systems Development in Linux.

Throughout the course you will be taken through a set of tools for embedded systems development in Linux. You will also gain a birds-eye view of build tools, kernel- and boat loader-functionality as well as a walkthrough of key libraries. Finally, we will introduce you to kernel configuration as well as kernel module programming.

During the course exercises, you'll be able to try out various tasks in the embedded development process using an ARM-based Linux-system called BeagleBone. The exercises are conducted using Buildroot paired Eclipse and gdb.
After completing the course you'll have the tools for developing an embedded system using Linux.

This course is atteended for developers who want to get started with embedded systems development using Linux. 

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