As the industry is pursuing ever-higher energy density, faster charging and lower cost, the current Li-ion technology platform based on liquid electrolytes faces is soon approaching the technical limits. A switch to solid-state electrolytes is on the horizon and is already now the subject of large research efforts.
This certification gives a high-level overview of the imminent switch to solid electrolytes in the battery industry and provides insight into the impact this will have on the industry. It provides you with information on the next-generation electrolytes for Li-ion and Lithium metal batteries, the solid electrolytes. You will understand why the shift to a solid electrolyte is necessary, which types of solid electrolytes exist, how they work, and their specific features and benefits. Lastly, you will understand how the electrolyte plays a key role in cell architecture, electrode manufacturing, and cell assembly.

This is a self-paced online course.

Certification assessment: Take an online exam covering topics from all of the component lessons within the certification. Successful completion of the Certification Assessment (earning 75%) will earn you a Certificate of Accomplishment for this certification.

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Course 704 Introduction to Solid-State Batteries - eCourse
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November 09, 2023 - December 31, 2024

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Mr. Maarten Mees

R&D team leader in Electrochemical Storage at IMEC. Maarten has completed research and research education in physics at KU Leuven while having master level studies in Electrical Engineering also at KU Leuven. Maarten is focused on developing the next generation of solid-state batteries, with an interest in ALD technology and the development of novel nanomaterials for the cause.

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