Mr. Terry Edwards, Executive Director of Engalco-Research,UK

Ask almost anyone what they consider noise to be – and you will definitely receive a wide variety of answers. Amongst these answers the perception of “unwanted sounds” will prevail: dogs barking, chainsaws screaming, etc. Of course the great majority of folk will indeed be thinking about “acoustic noise”.

In electronics and telecommunications however noise has a far broader meaning although several fundamental concepts are borrowed from the “acoustic noise” scenario:

“Noise” refers to unwanted electrical disturbances, whilst in contrast;
“Signal” refers to the desired information in electrical form.

 Now “noise” may result in poor quality sound, greatly deteriorated TV reception (“snowy” screen and hissing sound) or an unacceptably corrupted digital channel. In all instances it is the task of engineers to design receiving systems that perform to specification – in the presence of the inevitable noise.

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Course 805 Overcoming the Challenge of Noise in RF Systems
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Terry Edwards
Mr. Terry Edwards

Executive Director at Engalco-Research, UK.

Mr. Edwards has been a member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe Faculty since 2021.
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