Ms. Thereza Macnamara has a BSc. in Physics and an MSc in Microwave Physics from London University, UK, is teaching this basic level E-course.

The course will commence with an overview of the basic properties of the radiation in the entire EM (electromagnetic) spectrum, without delving into any of the mathematical equations normally associated with EM radiation. The difference between rectilinear propagation and waves will be explained including a brief description of Newton’s corpuscular theory and Huygen’s wave theory. The combination of waves of the same frequency but different phases and amplitudes is demonstrated in the time domain as well as by using phasors. The different types of polarisation of the electric field will be demonstrated, showing how all forms are variations of elliptical polarisation.  

Characteristics of an antenna will be described showing the difference between wire and aperture antennas, including the radiation patterns and the relationship of the aperture illumination to Fourier transforms will be demonstrated without detailed mathematical equations. The variation of the free space attenuation with frequency/wavelength and the gains of the antennas are explained to demonstrate how the link budgets between two antennas are calculated. The difference between transmitting and receiving antennas will be explained. Antennas used in systems for communication, navigation, direction finding, detection, radar are described and radiation patterns are shown and discussed. 

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Course 810 Basics on EM Propagation and Antennas - Online course
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October 23 - 27, 2023

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Thereza Macnamara
Ms. Thereza Macnamara

BSc. in Physics and an MSc in Microwave Physics from London University, UK:

Ms. Macnamara has been a member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe Faculty since 2021.
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