Thin Film Technology is pervasive in many applications, including microelectronics, optics, magnetic, hard and corrosion resistant coatings, micro-mechanics, etc.

Progress in each of these areas depends upon the ability to selectively and controllably deposit thin films - thickness ranging from tens of Ângströms to micrometers - with specified physical properties.This, in turn, requires control - often at the atomic level - of film microstructure and microchemistry.

There are a vast number of deposition methods available and in use today. However, all methods have their specific limitations and involve compromises with respect to process specifics, substrate material limitations, expected film properties, and cost.This makes it difficult to select the best  technique for any specific application. 

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Course 051 Thin Film Deposition at the Nanoscale: Mechanisms and Applications
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Instructor  Ångströms Laboratory Cleanroom
Ångströms Laboratory, Uppsala, Sweden

A set of expert instructors from Ångströms Laboratory and Linköping University will be teaching this course. 

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