Instructor profile Naveed Mufti

Dr. Naveed Mufti

Senior Program Manager Wireless, Altair Engineering Sweden

Dr. Naveed Mufti is currently working with Altair Engineering AB as Senior Program Manager – Wireless. He is part of the team developing and upgrading the spectrum engineering, radar/ radio coverage planning and optimization functions inside the relevant software product. Dr. Mufti is a Telecommunication engineering professional, with experience of radio spectrum planning and management, radio propagation modelling, radio network planning, scholastic telecommunications research, academic teaching, technical sales and team management.

Previously, he has worked for a wireless spectrum regulator in Asian region for nearly 4 years. He was responsible for planning and management of frequency assignment, interference assessment, optimization of incoming requests for spectrum usage, coverage analysis, evaluating the impact of new applications and technologies on spectrum management, and providing advise to desirous applicants of probable frequency bands and solutions to their needs. He has been trained by market leaders in Spectrum Engineering, Spectrum Monitoring and Regulatory Spectrum Management.

Dr. Mufti received his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Radio Propagation from the Leicester University, UK, in 2012. In fact, he expanded his regulatory experience to research into radio signal propagation, and investigations and analysis of interference, EMC, radio and wireless systems and network performance. He was also offered consultancy role by another regulator, in relation to providing expertise for ensuring efficient and efficient spectrum engineering operations during a global sporting event.

He has been involved with Telecommunication project design, appraisal, implementation and management. His academic teaching and research experiences in UK and his home country involved Wireless System and Radio Frequency Planning, Design and Management, Telecom Project Management, Project Evaluation, Research and Project Supervision.

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Dr. Mufti is a member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe faculty since 2024. He replaces Mr. Olov Carlsson as the teacher of #044 Radio Spectrum Management

Course 044 Radio Spectrum Management