Instructor profile Theodore Anderson

Dr. Theodore Anderson

Founder of The Heleakala R&D.Inc, United States

Dr. Theodore Anderson has written two books on plasma antennas and is the world’s expert on this subject matter.  Dr. Anderson has over 20 issued patents on plasma antennas, plasma frequency selective surfaces, plasma waveguides, and plasma MRI/PET. He has published several peer reviewed journal articles on plasma antennas, and has presented at many conferences with symposium papers on plasma antennas. He has published in the areas of plasma antennas, plasma physics, electrodynamics, fluid dynamics, acoustics, hydroacoustics, atomic physics, foundations of quantum mechanics, nuclear engineering, and mathematical scattering theory. He founded Haleakala Research and Development, Inc. in 2002 which became a company focused on the plasma antenna technology.  His contact information is and cell phone 518-409-1010. The Haleakala R&D, Inc  webiste is:

Dr. Anderson has been a member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe Faculty since year 2021.

Course 840 Metal, Plasma, and Metamaterial Antennas with Applications to Telecommunications and 5G.  
Course 841 Metal, Plasma, and Metamaterial Antennas with Applications to Radar, Ordnance Mine Detection, and Cell Towers.
Course 842 Metal, Plasma, and Metamaterial Antennas with Applications to Plasma MRI/PET and Far-UFC Plasma Antennas to Inactivate Viruses.