Instructor profile Wissem Bouiata

Mr. Wissem Bouiata

Chemical Engineering, IFP School and Chimie ParisTech, France.

Mr Bouaita received his Master of Science in Chemical Engineering in 2008 from IFP School and Chimie ParisTech in France. His main thesis subject was petroleum refining and petrochemical processes.

For the last 12 years Mr Bouaita has worked in oil refineries and petrochemical plants (steam cracking, PE, PP). He has been involved in plant operation, process design, project implementation, business analysis and plant management.

With the increasing awareness of training being a necessity and the advent of e-learning playing a major role, Mr Bouaita has founded WR Training, an e-learning platform providing online chemical engineering courses for professionals in Oil & Gas and Chemical industries.

During the last 2 years, WR Training has reached 15000 students in 140 countries and taught more than 20000 hours.

Mr. Bouiata has been a member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe faculty since 2020.

Course 501 Know, Read & Understand your Piping and Instrumental Diagrams (P&ID´s)
Course 502 Understanding Process Control Used in Process Industries
Course 503 Flow of Fluids Through Piping Systems