Technology intensive industries, such as semiconductors, depend upon innovation and invention to create successful products. Historically IP rich, it has become an imperative to protect and defend the IP (Intellectual Property) that is the basis for the technological advances. However, it is too often the case that critical knowledge of how to develop patent and patent strategies is lost or missing as personnel change and next generation skills are brought into the workplace.

This course addresses the obvious need for practical help for individuals, managers and corporations in creating and “driving” patent execution. With a focus on experience-based knowledge and expertise, this class was developed by those who “have been there, done that”.

RF Component and System Measurements
RF Component and System Measurements


In addition to providing an overview of the patenting process, this course will focus on the creative process and techniques to assist in developing patentable ideas. It will also discuss the various elements of a patent, methods to help improve patentability, management techniques and company Patent Strategies: all are elements crucial to a well-developed IP strategy.  The course will include significant experience-based observation of the patenting process and a few exercise based learning experiences.  
The course is based upon the book “Creation and Management of World Class Patents”; a copy of the book is included as part of the course materials. 


Technical professionals, managers of technology and development organizations, marketing and company strategists or anyone or organization in a position to need a better understanding of successful creation and positioning of IP are the targeted audience for this course.
While the course will appeal to any business sector that has a need for patent protection, it does not include design IP.


Day One

Establishing a base – general concepts
Intro to the basics of Patenting

The Creative process

  • Techniques for your toolbox and group
  • Creative exercises.


Day Two

IP Strategies
Managing creative teams

  • Optimizing Output

Discussion on possible IP strategies

  • Market Approaches to IP Management