The Unix terminal is renowned for being powerful and versatile. This is largely due to the ability to easily compose many simple commands into powerful patterns, which can in turn be used in shell scripts to perform ever more complex tasks with ease.

Common tasks include sophisticated file management, program execution and text manipulation.

There are many different dialects of shell script, but the most common one is by far the Bourne Shell, commonly known as bash, which is the shell used in this course.

Unix Scripting and Shell Programming
Unix Scripting and Shell Programming


The course covers shell script-programming, automation of system administration tasks and the scheduling of scripts.

Theory and practice is mixed throughout the duration of the course.

Combine this course with course No 303 Embedded Development in Yocto for best learning effect.


This course is intended for developers and system administrators who want to learn Unix shell scripting.

After completing the course you'll have a breadth of understanding for the possibilities of scripting, and the ability to use Unix shell scripting in your day to day work.

Unix Scripting and Shell Programming


  • System administration
  • Automation of system administration tasks with crond, atd and systemd
  • Verification of execution
  • Troubleshooting and testability
  • Shell programming


  • Introduction to scripting
  • Walk through of various shells
  • Data types
  • Log management
  • Data management
  • Error handling and troubleshooting