How the Blockchain is reshaping the world

The Blockchain solution has opened up the door to new thinking around how we can organize all value transactions between people, organizations and nation-states in the world – from financial payments to contracts, supply-chain management, digital property rights to know-your-customer, anti-money-laundering and autonomous organizations – in a cheaper, safer and more secure way than with the trust-based model.

First and foremost, this is a shift in mindset, how we decide to view the world, challenging the vertical hierarchy that delivered value and wealth during the industrial revolutions, for a new model that is decentralized and distributed, based on cryptographic proof.

Secondly, in the wake of the first Blockchain, a number of new technologies, protocols, and applications (DApps) have emerged that can help us understand this mind-shift better.

Thirdly, to convert this new mindset into new business models, we need to collaborate, explore and prototype new user-centric solutions to both old and new problems to create the next generation products and services.

Finally, to really understand the Blockchain on a philosophical, technological and entrepreneurial level, we need to understand how the world is run today. We need to understand what problems this new solution is offering to solve by exploring the flaws with the current systems thinking. It’s first then we can create sustainable innovations.

solid-state image sensors and digital cameras
solid-state image sensors and digital cameras


This two-day course explores how the world is being reshaped by digital and distributed Blockchain technologies and what new opportunities are emerging for individuals, organisations and societies.

We will begin the first day with a refresher course to create a common baseline and then explore how the Blockchain is disrupting contemporary thinking and solutions within how we operate as human beings, how organisations create, capture and distribute value, and how societies are being defined and organized.

During the second day we will explore organizational opportunities, both what they are and how a company can embrace this new technology and start to experiment and prototype new solutions.

The course will be facilitated with talks and exercises carried out individually, in pairs and smaller groups. Each day will end with a group and individual reflection to deepen the learnings.


This course is designed for business executives, technologists, leaders of digital transformation, human resource professionals, marketing directors, change agents, innovators, entrepreneurs and consultants.

Knowing the basic concepts of the Blockchain and digital technologies will definitely accelerate the understanding but is not a prerequisite. We will start the first day with a refresher course to make sure that everyone is onboard and can achieve their own personal desired learning outcomes. The second day is to explore opportunities.

Camera lens

Day 1: Disruption

Refresher of what the Blockchain is and how it works.

How distributed technologies are disrupting everything:

  • Financial payment systems
  • Fractal banking
  • Hierarchical organizations
  • Legal contracts
  • Governmental corruption
  • Monetary systems
  • Taxation

Explore existing key Blockchain startups and DApps

Day 2: Opportunities

  • Explore general and industry specific Blockchain opportunities
  • Overview of major Blockchain projects and initiatives across the world
  • Prototyping new general Blockchain solutions to understand the emerging opportunities

Day 3: How to get started

  • How to start your first Blockchain project
  • Explore tools and resources that can help in developing new projects
  • Hands-on exercises and continuing prototyping
  • Possible division in e-learning courses
  • Blockchain the basics
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain technologies (Hyperledger et cetera)
  • How to get started with Blockchain
  • Big picture disruption (for executives)
  • Disruption and opportunities per industry