Dr.István Novák DesignCon Finalist

Our instructor Dr. István Novák is one of 6 well deserved finalists in the vote for the 2018 DesignCon Engineer of the Year!
Such an honor to have Dr. Novák on the Continuing Education Institute-Europe faculty since 1992!

https://www.designnews.com/content/vote-2018-designcon-engineer-year/119453285958062#Istvan Novak

Istvan Novak
Senior Principal Engineer, Oracle
Istvan Novak is a Senior Principle Engineer at Oracle. Besides signal integrity design of high-speed serial and parallel buses, he is engaged in the design and characterization of power-distribution networks and packages for mid-range servers. He creates simulation models, and develops measurement techniques for power distribution. Istvan has 20 plus years of experience with high-speed digital, RF, and analog circuit and system design. He is a Fellow of IEEE for his contributions to signal-integrity and RF measurement and simulation methodologies.

Istvan's many years of significant contribution toward the advancing of signal and power integrity knowledge and practices have earned him a reputation of respect and admiration among his peers. His contribution to power and signal integrity analysis and measurements has made it possible identify and eliminate problems before they happen. His work through suppliers and academia has influenced and driven a change in the ways design, analysis, and measurement is done throughout the industry.

Istvan has been presenting and teaching engineers at DesignCon for many years. He is considered an industry expert on power integrity and his papers continue to get reviewed and referenced year after year. He is easily approachable, happy to help young engineers.

This year, Istvan will be participating in Tuesday's keynote panel, "SI/PI & EMI Challenges: Looking Ahead Through 2023," and the panel discussion, "Temperature and Bias Dependent Passive Component Models." He will also be presenting in technical sessions, "How Spatial Variation of Voltage Regulator Output Impedance Depends on Sense Point and Bypass Capacitor Locations," "Measuring Current and Current Sharing of DC-DC Converters," and " Tale of a Differential Pair Measurement."

Istvan is an active member of the DesignCon Technical Program Committee, sharing his expertise by participating in the review of content for multiple tracks.
Istvan is an IEEE Fellow and has been a tutor at the University of Oxford, Oxford, UK for the past 10 years. He has also been a faculty member at Continuing Education Institute - Europe AB since 1991 and served as Vice Dean of Faculty, Associate Professor at the Technical University of Budapest.
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