1. e-Learning Production Partnership with EdTech Studios

    e-Learning Production Partnership with EdTech Studios

    E-Learning being on all lips when talking about Continuing Education. We are happy to annouced new partnership with the experienced e-Learning production team of EdTech Studios in Torsås, Sweden.

  2. Releasing e-Learning Courses

    Releasing e-Learning Courses

    The long-term partnership between CEI-Europe and Professor Albert Theuwissen continues with the release of a three-part eLearning course on Correlated and Uncorrelated Noise in Imagers.


    Since the late nineties, CEI-Europe and Professor Albert J.P. Theuwissen have delivered courses for engineers, expanding knowledge in the areas of Digital Imaging, Image Sensors Technology, and Digital Camera Systems. Now, the longtime partners take another step by presenting courses in the eLearning format, making the access to obtain Dr. Theuwissen’s expertise readily available for a global audience.


    The three-part course begins with the section ”Introduction to Correlated and Uncorrelated Noise in Imagers”, wherein the difference between Correlated and Uncorrelated Noise is explained. The second part, ”Characterization of Noise in Dark”, covers the performance of Image Sensors in Dark. Th

  3. E-learning production

    E-learning production

    Exiting news!

    Our first E-learning course is now in production! See the introduction film on youtube!
    We have chosen the very popular course in 004 Hands-on Characterization of Solid-State Image Sensors, taught by Professor Albert Theuwissen. He is now in action at Pama Studios, Kristianopel/Sweden.

    We plan to go public with the course by March 2018 - more info will follow.

  4. Science Park Mjardevi

    Science Park Mjardevi

    Our CEO Ann-Charlotte Johannesson was interviewed at Mjärdevi Science Park on Friday the 19th.

    The discussion is on Continuing Education, something we are of course familiar with! The importance of education and our role in having educated over 33 000 persons so far, and how we are implementing e-learning to reach even further.

    The interview in Swedish is found here

  5. Dr.István Novák DesignCon Finalist

    Dr.István Novák DesignCon Finalist

    Our instructor Dr. István Novák is one of 6 well deserved finalists in the vote for the 2018 DesignCon Engineer of the Year!
    Such an honor to have Dr. Novák on the Continuing Education Institute-Europe faculty since 1992! Novak

    Istvan Novak
    Senior Principal Engineer, Oracle
    Istvan Novak is a Senior Principle Engineer at Oracle. Besides signal integrity design of high-speed serial and parallel buses, he is engaged in the design and characterization of power-distribution networks and packages for mid-range servers. He creates simulation models, and develops measurement techniques for power distribution. Istvan has 20 plus years of experience with high-speed digital, RF, and analog circuit and system design. He is a Fellow of IEEE fo