Mr. Joshua Hohendorf, Technical Trainer at Telit IoT Platform, Florida, United States, teaches this 2 -day course about Rapid IoT Development. 

This course will go through the usual hardware and software development practices to help highlight where the ability to rapidly prototype and develop the IoT portion of the overall solution can help get to market much faster than expected. From there, tools, techniques, and experience will be introduced to help decrease the development time, quickly create a proof of concept, or possibility increase a current solutions IoT capability.

Course Content
Course 106 Rapid IoT Development
Seat Reservation
This course is currently not scheduled. If interested in the topic, please send us an email at cei@cei.se


Instructor Joshua Hohendorf Element
Joshua Hohendorf

Technical Trainer at Telit IoT Platform, Florida, United States

Mr Hohendorf has been a member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe faculty since 2018.

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