The world of IoT is a fast-evolving set of tools and techniques. It is far beyond just a simple connection to the cloud. While that may be the starting point, where the data goes, how the data gets there, as well as the integrity and security of that data is of upmost importance. Understanding these many aspects is important to any IoT solution but is unique to each solution out there. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution that can be applied. That is where time developing a solution can range from a few months to a few years depending on the several various aspects.

Showing how to utilize the tools and techniques available will not only decrease development time but also make IoT easier in general. The tools that will be used will range from development hardware to enterprise ready software. Techniques will be discussed that have been collected from decades of experience creating solutions, data management, and device management. When it comes to IoT there is always the area of connectivity and how the device will transmit its data to the cloud and eventually its end point.

Deciding to use IoT in any aspect of your business can help make money, save money, or to stay compliant. Getting your IoT solution to the market in a timely manner is crucial in being able to capitalize on the market with your innovation. Using industry ready tools techniques will be showed on how to rapidly develop and deploy your IoT solution.

Rapid IoT Development
Rapid IoT Development


This course will go through the usual hardware and software development practices to help highlight where having the ability to rapidly prototype and develop the IoT portion of the overall solution can help get to market much faster than expected. From there tools, techniques, and experience will be introduced to help decrease the development time, quickly create a proof of concept, or possibility increase a current solutions IoT capability.

There will be a few hands-on labs to showcase the tools that are available to help get a solution to market in a timely manner.


This course is intended for engineers and project managers from integrators of all verticals to individual company looking to create their own solution, as well as anyone else that is interested in how to utilize IoT in a timely manner. There will be more than PowerPoints and discussions.

Plenty of hands on will be utilized but will keep it at a higher level as to not discourage the less technical.

Rapid IoT Development

Day 1

  • Class Introduction
  • IoT Consideration -Where to start -Proper Implementation
  • Logic of Solution - In the Cloud - At the Edge - In the Fog
  • Platform Ecosystem - Availability - Compatibility
  • Understanding the Platform - Buzz Words - Capabilities vs Probable

Day 2

  • Day 1 Recap
  • Build vs Buy - Trying on your own - Company Specialization
  • Platform Tools - Testing - Development - Hardware (HDK) - Software (SDK)
  • Tool implementation - Hands On - Setting up Platform - Configuring Device - Publishing Data - Cloud Logic
  • Class Conclusion