Dr. Theodore Anderson, founder of Haleakala Research and Development, Inc. United States, is giving this lecture on Plasma Antennas.

This 3-day course will consist of dipole plasma antennas, smart plasma antennas, satellite plasma antennas, plasma reflector antennas, reduction of co-site interference, radiation patterns, smart plasma antenna, high power plasma antennas, reflector plasma antennas, pulsing plasma antennas, and how to make a basic plasma antenna.

Recommended complementary courses are: #841 Plasma Antenna Beam Steering, Focusing, and Thermal Noise and #842 Plasma Antenna Radiation Patterns, MRI, Wi-Fi, 5G, and Far-UVC to Eradicate Covid 19.

Course Content
Course 840 Plasma Dipole, Reflectors, and Smart Plasma Antennas
Seat Reservation
This course is currently not scheduled. If interested in the topic, please send us an email at cei@cei.se
Instructor Theodore Anderson Element
Dr. Theodore Anderson

Founder of Haleakala R&D Inc. United States

Dr. Anderson has been a member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe faculty since 2021.

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