Jonatan Bergquist

Master of Science in Engineering Physics.

Jonatan Bergquist is a full-time blockchain consultant at Datarella (, based out of Munich, Germany. To finish off his Master's degree in engineering physics, he wrote a thesis on how systems of smart contracts can provide secure and private medical prescriptions.

Datarella advises, leads and implements the conception of blockchain-based projects for companies such as Siemens, World Food Programme and others. For the UN World Food Programme, the United Nations' agency for aid logistics, Datarella developed and deployed a digital asset management and accounting system to distribute aid in kind' as well as in cash directly to people in need. The system, called WFP Building Blocks runs on a permissioned, private Ethereum network based on Parity.

Datarella also drives the development of separate blockchain solutions through the legaltech initiative CodeLegit ( and Crowdstart Capital ( Datarella also partners with Outlier Ventures ( in the field of blockchain technology, IoT and the true sharing economy.

Jonatan Bergquist has research interest within computer security, IT privacy and of course blockchain technology. Prior to working at Datarella, he lived in France, Switzerland and Sweden and worked in Fintech at start ups. He has guest-lectured at the technical university of Munich and held workshops on blockchain technology in corporations and public conferences.

Jonatan Bergquis is a new member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe faculty since 2018.