Instructor profile Thereza Macnamara

Ms. Thereza Macnamara

BSc. in Physics and an MSc in Microwave Physics from London University, UK.

Ms. Thereza Macnamara has a BSc. in Physics and an MSc in Microwave Physics from London University and 32 years industrial experience including EMC radiated emissions, antenna systems and network design, Patent examination and lecturing.

Her EMC experience includes RF monitoring, explosive atmospheres and EED (electroexplosive devices), expert witness calculations for the CAA, trouble shooting for the petrochemical industry to resolve problems with LOS Communications, biological hazards and is the Author of a Code of practice for land based drilling. She has developed measurement techniques for SE (shielding effectiveness) in the magnetic and electric modes as well as under plane wave conditions, and designed and successfully implemented anechoic hoods for SE (Shielding Effectiveness) measurements in the 1 to 10 GHz frequency range. She was in charge of upgrading, maintaining and calibrating a standard EM field facility from 400 MHz to 33 GHz. She has designed printed circuit antennas and feed networks and developed a series for deriving the position and number of frequency invariant phase shifters for Butler matrices.

Her most recent experience with BAE Systems covers installation and integration of antennas on all platforms (land, sea and air) from entire layouts to single retrofit installations.Ms. Macnamara was the Technical Authority for numerous internal and external projects within BAE Systems and has worked on Typhoon, Harrier, JSF, Hercules, and Tornado with varying degrees of involvement, in the Antenna and RF Interoperability disciplines.

Ms. Macnamara was the Technical Leader/Coordinator of an EU research project IPAS (Installed Performance of Antennas on AeroStructures) involving 10 European Companies and developed an empirical formula for coupling between non-LOS antennas on aircraft. She served as a Patent Examiner for the British Patent Office for nearly three years and was an adviser for patents and trade marks in a previous employment. She was the Special Guest Lecturer for the short course on Vehicle Mounted Antenna Modeling and Measurements at the AMTA (Antenna Measurement Techniques Association) conference in Arizona in 2014

Ms. Macnamara has been a member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe Faculty since 2021.

Course 810 EM Propagation and Antennas
Course 811 Antennas Installed on Structures