Professor Albert J.P Theuwissen, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands and Harvest Imaging, Belgium is the instructor for this 3-days course in how to get familiar with Solid-State Imaging and relevant related topics. 

If "A picture tells more than a thousand words", then imaging was and still is the language of the future. In today's emerging markets of electronic equipment, imaging plays a very important role. The art of imaging and image processing is working its way into the automotive scenes, wearables, IoT, AR/VR and taking on environmental challenges. Solid-state image sensors are present in diverse professional application areas.

The major objective of this course is to make the participants familiar with solid-state imaging and the relevant related topics. It will give an in-depth view of the possibilities and limitations of the Image Capturing Technology of today and tomorrow.


For best training experience, we recommend the adjoining 2-day course #020 Advanced Course on Image Sensor Technology, also taught by Professor Theuwissen.
If booking both these courses in the same week, the total course fee will be EUR 3540 pp (Early Bird) or EUR 3935 pp (Regular fee) 

Course Content
Course 013 Digital Imaging: Image Capturing, Image Sensors - Technologies and Applications
Seat Reservation
This course is currently not scheduled. If interested in the topic, please send us an email at cei@cei.se


Albert J.P Theuwissen
Professor Albert J.P. Theuwissen

Professor at the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands and CEO of Harvest Imaging, Belgium.

Dr. Theuwissen has been teaching in more than 100 courses for us since year 1999.

In 2013 he received the Exceptional Service Award of IISS and in 2014 the SEMI Award.

Dr. Theuwissen has been a member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe Faculty since 1999.
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