Dr. Rowan Gilmore, Adjunct Professor, University of Queensland, and CEO of EM Solutions Pty Ltd., Australia,  is teaching this 5-day course in Microwave Circuit Design.

Combining classical approaches to circuit design with modern simulation tools, this course will help you understand the background to the various building blocks that make up modern microwave circuits and systems.

By using tools ranging from the Smith Chart to the latest CAD suite, you will be able to match, design, and optimise circuits like single transistor amplifiers, oscillators, and mixers, or instead utilise complex functional IC building blocks more effectively with better matching elements and filters.

This course is focusing on the design of discrete RF and microwave circuits and uses classical microwave design techniques to unpack the challenges in desiging high frequency electronic circuits.

This course is only available as an inhouse event for teams of minimum 10 participants. Price quotation is sent on request. 

Course Content
Course 019 RF and Microwave Circuit Design: Applications and Theory
Seat Reservation
This course is currently not scheduled. If interested in the topic, please send us an email at cei@cei.se


Instructor Gilmore Element
Dr Rowan Gilmore

D.Sc., Adjunct Professor, University of Queensland, and CEO and Managing Director at EM Solutions Pty Ltd,Australia.

Dr. Gilmore has been a member of the Contiuing Education Institute-Europe faculty since 1995

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