Dr. Richard G. Ranson, Consultant at Radio System Design, UK, is teaching this 2-day course in Hands-on Software Defined Radio Concepts.

The course is sub divided into several modules of roughly 2 hours, each of which consists of theory in a lecture style, then practical application using the supplied materials and finishing with a tutorial style discussion of the findings. Students work in pairs using one of their own laptops and a USB boot disk, so that all work from a common Ubuntu environment.

A hardware platform called ADALM Pluto is also provided to generate and receive microwave signals. The boot disk has all the necessary software and hardware drivers already installed to maximise the time dedicated to learning about SDR. The practical sessions combine DSP simulation using GNU Radio Companion (GRC) and the Pluto hardware to apply the theory to practice and observe the internal workings of digital radio concepts.

Should Covid-19 restrictions still be in place, this course will run online the same date. The daily schedule will be adjusted to fit remote training, with less hours per day divided into extra days. Make a preliminary booking and we will keep you updated.

Course Content
Course 028 Hands-on Software Defined Radio Concepts
Seat Reservation
This course is currently not scheduled. If interested in the topic, please send us an email at cei@cei.se
Instructor Richard Element
Dr Richard G. Ranson

Ph.D. degree from the University of Leeds, UK. Consultant at Radio System Design, UK.

Dr Ranson has been in industry, actively involved in research and development of microwave components and systems for over 30 years.

Dr Ranson has been a member of the CEI-Europe faculty since 2004.
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