Daniel G. Swanson Jr., DGS Associates, LLC, Boulder, CO. USA, is teaching this bundle of two courses; "PCB Filters and Multiplexers using Standard SMT Components" and "Course 031 High Q Cavity Filters and Multiplexers"which we strongly recommend that you combine in the same week.

Please note that participants attending both these courses the same week will benefit from a reduced total course fee. 

Brief course content for 030 "PCB Filters and Multiplexers using Standard SMT Components"
This course is devoted to the fundamentals of practical filter design for RF and microwave systems in a low cost, PCB environment. The central challenge is to identify the most useful filter topologies for this construction method and frequency range. The search for a useful topology must include knowledge of each component's spurious response. Various SMT component libraries will be examined with this in mind. Another serious challenge to the designer is the rather limited catalogue of standard component values that are readily available. Simple techniques to overcome this limitation will be demonstrated. Although the majority of designs are fixed in frequency and bandwidth, some tunable bandpass and notch filter topologies will be presented.

Brief course content for 031 "High Q Cavity Filters and Multiplexers"
This course is focused on practical filter design methods for Cavity Combline Filters for Wireless Systems. The core material is a universal procedure for narrow band filter design that can be applied to virtually any filter technology or topology. The procedure is rooted in Dishal's method with powerful extensions that include the port tuning concept, equal ripple optimization techniques, and efficient EM simulation. All the techniques presented can be implemented using commercially available CAD tools. 

Course Content


Instructor Swanson Element
Daniel G. Swanson Jr.

DGS Associates, LLC, Boulder, CO   

Mr. Swanson has been a member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe faculty since 1998.

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