Mrs. Elisabet Blom , MSc, Vibration Specialist and Owner, Qring Technology AB, Sweden.

A chain is never stronger than its weakest link!

In Measurement Technology we talk about measuring chains normally including a transducer, an amplifier, a measuring system, cabling, and post processing. To choose a transducer type, how to attach the transducer to the object, how to attach cabling, and how to configure your measuring system are questions that this 5-day course will answer.

Mechanics and Thermodynamics are significant parts in measuring a parameter correctly. Join this course and learn all about Techniques for Temperature, Vibration, Acoustic, Pressure, and Flow Measurements, both theory and hands-on. 

Measurement equipment for temperature, vibration, acoustics, pressure, flow etc. are available during the entire course and is used during lecturing.

During the course participants will also work on hands-on exercises to verify the theories we discuss in the course. Some hands-on exercises are just for learning, as measuring is, as other sciences, a lot about experience.

Course Content
Course 401 Techniques for Temperature, Vibration, Acoustic, Pressure, and Flow Measurements
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