Mrs. Elisabet Blom , MSc, Vibration Specialist and Owner, Qring Technology AB, Sweden.

Failure investigation is always a trauma for the organisation. A trauma in witch everybody are involved, from the CEO to workers at all levels. The critical first couple of minutes, hours or days should include them all. It is not unusual that the whole investigation can take month or even years. This course will include investigation faces, what to do, how to do it and how to handle personnel and equipment.

Technical challenges in a failure investigation are to not lock in on a root cause from the beginning. To provide this type of error there have to be an open mind working routine. This 2-day course will provide the engineers with a systematic thinking tool together with overview of different failure mechanisms. This course concentrates on the toolbox and how not to get caught in one possible root cause.

The course will discuss different fatigue mechanisms and reasons for them to occur.

For best learning experience, combine this course with course 401 Industrial Failure and Root Cause Investigation - for Management. This combinaton will benefit of a discounted rate when attending both courses the same week.

Due to Covid-19, and the uncertain travel recommendations for Autumn 2020, it is decided that this course is planned to run Online only. The daily schedule will be adjusted to fit remote training, with less hours per day divided into extra days. Make a preliminary booking and we will keep you updated.

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Course 402 Industrial Failure and Root Cause Investigation - Technology Focus
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December 07 - 09, 2020

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Elisabet Blom
Elisabet Blom

Master in Science, Vibration Specialist and Owner, Qring Technology AB, Sweden

For the last 25 years Mrs.Blom has worked with vibration measurements. She has also taught measuring courses at Linköping University and lectured in seminars and at various conferences.

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