Mr Olov Carlsson, Senior Director – EM Solutions at Altair Engineering, Sweden is teaching this e-learning course in Radio Spectrum Management. This is of ever increasing importance for Telecommunications Companies, Public Authorities as well as for Defence Forces.

Radio Spectrum Management - Introduction, Organisations and Regulations

This e-learning course is giving participants the knowledge of organisations and regulations, both national and international. 

The course includes:

100 minutes on-demand video

29 modules

3 months access

This course is the first part of a series of three e-Learning courses about Radio Spectrum Management. For effective training benefit, we recommend also attending course 605 Radio Spectrum Management - Technical Basics and course 606 Radio Spectrum Management for various Services

Get a better price when ordering all three courses: Bundle 604-606 Radio Spectrum Management

Course Content

604 E-Learning Course - Radio Spectrum Management


3 Month Subscription


Instructor Olov Element
Olov Carlsson

Master of Science in Engineering Physics and Electrical Engineering from Linköping University in Sweden

Senior Director – EM Solutions at Altair Engineering, Sweden.

Mr. Carlsson has wide experience in teaching Master level courses in Radio Spectrum Management as well as Radio Wave Propagation at the University of Växjö, Sweden.

Mr Carlsson is a member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe faculty since 2013.

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