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Ginosar, Ran

PhD, Head of the VLSI Systems Research Center and Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science departments at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

Dr Ginosar received his B.Sc. from the Technion and his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University. After conducting research at AT&T Bell Laboratories, he joined the Technion faculty where he established the VLSI Systems Research Center.

Professor Ginosar has been a visiting Associate Professor with the University of Utah and co-initiated the Asynchronous Architecture Research Project at Intel, where he worked on Intel's asynchronous test chip. He has co-founded a number of companies: i Sight, Ltd., an electronic imaging company, UltraGuide, Ltd., an electronic medical device company, Mobilian Corporation, a wireless fabless chip company that developed VLSI chip sets for wireless modems, Trig Medical, an electronic medical device company, AI Semi, a medical processor company, Plurality Ltd., a multi´-processor core company, and NeuroVibes, a brain-computer interface chips company.

Professor Ginosar has published numerous papers and his inventions have resulted in a large number of patents. His research interests include VLSI architecture, asynchronous logic and synchronization, electronic imaging, networks-on-chip and bio-chips. He is presently engaged in research of multiple aspects of synchronization, partly in collaboration with IBM and with Intel. He has taught a number of industrial courses on synchronization since February 2003.

Professor Ginosar has been a member of the CEI-Europe Faculty since 2003.

Course #57 Synchronization and Interconnect in Multiple Clock Domain Systems-on-Chips, SoC

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